Stewart & Claire Lip Scrub

The lip scrub you wish you could make at home.

Lip Scrub-9

Your lips are one of the most sensitive parts of your body. Why would you put petroleum-based products directly on them?

In comes Stewart & Claire, the Brooklyn-based lip care company that makes organic, all-natural lip balms and scrubs that are kind to your mouth. We picked up this Minut Julep Lip Scrub after several failed attempts at making our own in the kitchen. Each batch ended up too soupy, monstrously sticky, or tasting just plain gross. When we saw this product, we scooped it up in the hopes that this $20 could be integrated into a monthly or bi-weekly lip exfoliation routine. Lip Scrub-12

The package itself is lovely and has a vintage feel to them, which helps communicate the wholesomenes of the ingredients. The black and white colors of the label help the product pop, and you can’t help delighting in the sugar crystals when you initially open the package. A gentle whiff of sweet minty beeswax drifts out as you scoop the scrub out of the 1 oz. tub; it’s difficult not to treasure a product that is so natural and helpful.

revised Lip Scrub-10

It doesn’t take must product to get the job done. By gently massaging the sugar into the lips, a scent of coconut oil and peppermint oil is relaxing as you delicately rub the dry skin off your face. The oils are so intensely soothing and smoothing that it can be a little challenging to rinse off. After about 7 or 8 seconds, it’s all rinsed off. It’s also relieving to know if any lip scrub get in your mouth, it’s not in any way harmful to your health.

This, or the scrub and balm gift pack, would be a great hostess gift or stocking stuffer.

Lip Scrub-8

Lip Scrub-11

Lip Scrub-6

Normally, we have a list of ingredients that sound a little sketchy or like harsh chemicals. Stewart & Claire have all very recognizable ingredients that are as delicious and natural as they sound.

Ingredients: Brown and white sugars*, vegetable glycerin, sunflower oil*, coconut oil*, beeswax, avocado oil*, shea butter*, cocoa butter*, peppermint oil*, black pepper oil*, cedarwood oil*, vitamin e

*certified organic

Isabelle Kitze

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