Invest in humanity.

This is the ethos We Are Together is founded on.

We Are Together is a marketplace that finds compelling, beautiful, and unique socially responsible products. We want to bring together good people and good objects. To purchase something provides the buyer with power, and the ability to invest in the products, people, and place where a good comes from. We aim to create a new kind of conspicuous consumer; not one that focuses entirely on brand name and recognition, but one that wants to be seen with good products created by principled people. We Are Together encourages people to help transform the landscape of often wasteful and mindless consumerism.

You don’t have to change your entire life to do good in this world. All you have to do is make small changes in the form of mindful decisions: what kind of ingredients do you want to put on/in your body, who do you want making your products, and what economic, social, and environmental impact do you want your products to make? Whether you purchase organic ingredients, only buy local, or want to start making wholesome steps as your pregnancy progresses, there is always an opportunity to enrich your life with beautiful and benevolent objects. We Are Together brings these objects to light.

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